Ariyalur District

Ariyalur District

Land of Lime Stone
Ariyalur district is a Municipality, separated from Perambalur district on 23rd November 2007 in state of Tamilnadu. The administrative taluks are Ariyalur, Sendurai and Udayarpalayam.  The geographical extent of Ariyalur Taluk is; Sendurai 314.82; and Udayarpalayam 943.30  Famous Cement Industries like Arasu Cements, Birla’s, India cements, Dalmia cements and Madras cements have been situated around this district, because industries have been getting potential raw material like Lime Stone.  Good Education have been providing by many institutions in this area.  Arasunagar Matriculation Higher Secondary School is one among them.

History of Ariyalur
Before 15 million years, Ariyalur was submerged under the sea. Prehistoric period was considered from B.C. 200000 to A.D. 300. In Sangam period (500B.C. to 300A.D), Ariyalur was ruled by Cholas of Uraiyur and the Malavar Chief of Kollimalai. After 850A.D, this Ariyalur district was ruled by many empires like Cholas, Pandyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar Empire, The Palayam Chiefs, Bijapur Sultans, Marattas, Carnatic Nawabs and British.

Ariyalur District Details

  • Total Area   :    1,934.01sq.kms
  • Total Population :  7, 52,481
  • Rainfall    :     1,043.0 mm (annual)
  • Climate Condition   :   38*c Max and 24*c Min
  • STD Code    :   04329
  • Pin Code    :    621704
  • Nearest Airport   :   Tiruchirapalli Airport (60km from Ariyalur)
  • Railway Station :   Perambalur Road (Near Mahasakthi Theatre)

Places of Interest

Gangaikonda Cholapuram
Gangaikondacholisvarar temple was constructed by Rajendra Cholan in Gangaikonda Cholapuram at Ariyalur District. The Outer wall was destructed by British in 1896 A.D. and they used the building material for constructing Lower Anicut (Dam across river Kollidam). A Statue of King Rajendra Cholan is found in Kolaram temple at Kolar of Karnataka District.

Jayankondam is located 10 kms from Gangaikonda Cholapuram. The original name of Jayankondam was Nellimaragramam. The original name of this place was changed by Emperor Rajendra Cholan.

Sri Kaliyuga Varatharaja Perumal Temple
This temple is situated 5 km from Ariyalur near Kallankurichi. Sri Kaliyuga Varatharaja Perumal Temple was 500 years old temple. “Car Festival” is very famous in this temple during March-April Month.

This place is located in the way of Perambalur to Thanjavur.  King Raja Raja Cholan Built a 20-feet high statue here.  From the ancient history, people believe that Lord Nataraja danced in this place with a stag in his hand.

Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary
Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is located in 35kms north of Thanjavur at Ariyalur District.  The total area of the sanctuary is 454 ha. During month of November, 2.5 lakhs birds arrive in this sanctuary. 50 species of birds have been found in this sanctuary. The sanctuary receives water from Mettur Dam in the month of September.

Adaikala Madha Shrine Elakurichi
Adaikala Madha Shrine was built by famous Catholic Missionary Constructive Joseph Beschi popularly known as “Veeramamunivar”   in the year of 1711. This Temple is located 65kms from Perambalur in Ariyalur district.