Cuddalore District

Cuddalore District

The Cosmic Dancer’s Place
Cuddalore is one among the important places in Tamilnadu. The Well Known Ancient Temple is located in Chidambaram, the primary God is Lord Shiva found in Various Natya Poses. The Temple is called as “The Cosmic Dancer’s Place”. The district of Cuddalore lies near the east coast of Bay of Bengal. The old town and new town (Thirupadirippuliyur) are the two large divisions of Cuddalore. These two towns are separated by the river Gedilam. Since Ancient Period, Cuddalore Old Town has been found as a sea port.
Large Number of Industries has been found in Cuddalore. NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation), a public sector company located in Neyveli near Cuddalore. More than 2500 megawatts thermal electricity has been producing here for Tamilnadu. Jackfruit Cultivation is more in Cuddalore and Panruti.

History of Cuddalore
Before 2000 years, Cuddalore have done sea trade with Roman Empire. Cuddalore was first town in Southern India, which was conquered by Europeans directly. Also, Dutch were the first to conquer it, followed by Portugal, France and Later Britain. During the British rule, Fort St. David was constructed in Cuddalore near Devanampattinam. Some of the good Educational institutions like Manjakkuppam St. Josephs Higher Secondary School, St. Mary’s School and St. David School are located in Cuddalore.

Cuddalore Details

  • Total Area :  3,678 sq.kms
  • Total Population :  22, 85,395
  • Rainfall    :     1315.8mm
  • Climate Condition   :   Summer Temperature: 41*c and Winter Temperature: 20*c
  • STD Code    :   04142
  • Pin Code    :    607***
  • Railway Station : Cuddalore Port Junction (Cuddalore Old Town) and Thirupadirippuliyur (Near Cuddalore New Town Bus Stand.
  • Bus Stand :  SH 68, Cuddalore

Places of Interest
Famous Tourist and Important Places, you can find around Cuddalore are

  • Lord Nataraja Temple (Chidambaram)
  • Kattu Mannargudi
  • Lord Pataleeswarar
  • Nellikuppam
  • NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation)
  • Srimushnam
  • Thiruvahindapuram
  • Porto-Novo
  • Mettukuppam Jyothi Tower
  • Thiruvandipuram Temple
  • Tiruppapuliyur
  • Thillai Kali Temple
  • Tiruvakarai
  • Vallalar (Sri Ramalinga Adigalar Born Place)